Shipping And Returns

Keeping our high service consistent, the shipping service to send your order is fast and safe. We believe that customers wait for their package anxiously and we anxiously wait for you to use it! As soon as the order is processed, your order is shipped to reach you within three business days. We ensure safe delivery so that when you unbox the products, our standards of service become evident.

Our shipping charges are applied according to the area of delivery, but wait! If your order is worth more than $60, there are no shipping charges. You can sit back and wait for the package to change the way you connect with others!

Damaged products and faulty parts can be returned without complications of filling forms and waiting for a reply! Buds Trend provides quick service and is quicker in ensuring that you get the best products. In case of damages or faults, customers can reach our customer service and return the order within a month of purchase. Once we receive your request for return, our team will dispatch a fresh product for convenient exchange.